Shane Carwin


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2310 days ago


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alainpetterson 2309 days ago


tmar21 2309 days ago

Keep on keeping on Shane I'm ready to see the loOk of defeat on Brocks big ass face after you knock him out

craig_t4 2310 days ago

Frank just didn't get it did he? He learned nothing from his last beating. Your the man Shane.

World_of_MMA 2310 days ago

War Carwin!!! Great Strategy with Mir, knew you'd be stronger even with his added size. Brock sure looked big in that suit, big boy you get next. Prepare well

sumicholi 2310 days ago

That was AMAZING- way to go!

lividliving 2310 days ago

Congratulations man, you blew me away with how decisive you were and all of your fans, myself included, rest at ease knowing that the new champ is a good man.

bigsavage77 2310 days ago

shane next fight brock kick his ass too you are the new chmp in twon oh yeah

bigsavage77 2310 days ago

shane next fight brock kick his ass too you are the new chmp in twon oh yeah

daywoman23 2310 days ago

That's so awesome, frank Mir bit off more than he could chew.

daaak_ 2310 days ago

Awesome fight Shane! Now take it to Brock to show who the real champ is!

soupie485 2310 days ago

get the man a real beer instead of this light shit.

xliath 2310 days ago

Great job on winning that fight. Now take those fists of your and knock brock the f out.

chimaz1219 2310 days ago

congrat's m8 well deserved, look foward 2 fight wit brock.

dovendoneve 2310 days ago

Unlike brock, you like bud light..... congrats Champ... It's time to kick Lesnar's Ass

codablack 2310 days ago

bad ass man

danatencio 2310 days ago

thats awesome man

Justin_sMommy 2310 days ago

Hell yeah! It was awesome seeing them put that belt on you! Hell of a fight last night! And good beer ;) Same I was drinking last night :)

jewls41681 2310 days ago


Stantonsgrave 2310 days ago

Awesome fight and a step closer to beating brock

Cong_ 2310 days ago

Haha great job last night Shane! Well done! :)