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LOL at this sign in best buy. I can sense the sarcasim dripping off the words...

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2861 days ago

LOL at this sign in best buy. I can sense the sarcasim dripping off the words...


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SinzOfTheNight 2706 days ago

Circuit City was much better @ bargains than BestBuy..between them, they had all the budget brands of electronics..lots of good hardware that you didn't pay a premium on for the brand. Sad day, indeed. Bought all my consoles from CC..including my 360. I'l

gibbonboy6 2838 days ago

...right i stumbled this and live in the uk wtf is circuit city???

oddin85 2855 days ago

this is sad, i liked circuit city :'-(

glassgun 2855 days ago

I should also note when I say no, people always get mad. "WHY EVEN SHOP HERE?!?!"

glassgun 2855 days ago

I work at best buy and this sign should be everywhere. People only look for the best deals. EVERYDAY someone asks me if we are matching their close out prices.

aznhick 2857 days ago

This isn't funny. It's not sarcastic or anything. It doesn't say the prices are increased or that they will change. It says the exact opposite, that Best Buy won't change the prices of items that have been advertised at Circuit City for less. I don't see

themalgal3693 2858 days ago

HAHA! That's pretty good. Not gonna lie.

caressabrittney 2858 days ago

...I don't think it's meant to be funny. Circuit City is closing so they're going to have massive clearance sales. Best Buy can't afford to sell Blu Ray DVDs for 3.99$

MariAdkins 2859 days ago

that is so totally and completely priceless.

GoodyGoody 2860 days ago

they should probably resist the snarkiness..they could be next

ryanbarr 2860 days ago

Now, I have to say that is pretty funny. Time to watch the prices rise when Circuit City is completely gone.

sovietik 2860 days ago

So this means we will buy at higher prices?

stephanehaddad 2860 days ago

It's not sarcastic!!

It's just because their general conditions of sale say they always match the best price around. So because Circuit City goes to bankrupty and make mega discount, they just can't match their price anymore !

Thecbend 2860 days ago

xDD nuff said

Scorpi0 2860 days ago

hahaha, sardonic sarcasm :)

jtalaiver 2860 days ago

very sarcastic... wow

litlmiss 2860 days ago

LOL great pic. Can't say they don't have a sense of humor.

Da_ri_ver 2860 days ago

Hilarious!! Thats all!!

smokewalker 2860 days ago

Circuit City puts all prices at fill retail, then giver a % off. Best Buy could have a lower price.

duanemoody 2860 days ago