Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2489 days ago


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moogyboobles 2369 days ago

BaconTrousers 2460 days ago

This is gently extracted from Ian Bothams bile sack using non mechanical methods and Dwarves.

linnea_jane 2460 days ago

Oooooo we use this. Is that a ..good thing?

pjmaybe 2479 days ago

It puts the rice bran oil on its skin or else it gets the hose again

TLHobo 2489 days ago

Are you pleased or frightened by it?

floraisadora 2489 days ago

Ah, some good ol' fashioned mothering with a healthy 21st century spin!

lordlikely 2489 days ago

This has been an emotional and tiring day for us all. I am just bloody glad you're alright.

oliverchalliner 2489 days ago

are you actually allergic or is that just an excuse so your wife doesn't put that in anything?

Snozzberry6 2489 days ago

That certainly looks...tasty.

JuliaBall 2489 days ago

does she use it for cooking or on the skin?

jenniferhen 2489 days ago

You, sir, are a comedy Legend.

bromomalkane 2489 days ago

What IS it?

mikecrowfone 2489 days ago

CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!!! (Chanted in drunken American jock style) WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

oliverchalliner 2489 days ago

what is that? rice? bran? oil? these seem to be conflicting ideas all living together in harmony. we can learn something from this. shame you're allergic

daisydeadpetal 2489 days ago

In spite of Google, I still can't find a reason to use Rice Bran Oil.

JimEmery 2489 days ago

What doesn't kill you make you regular

Charliecondou 2489 days ago

Oh its not product, its rice bran oil!