Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2821 days ago


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ferricko 2671 days ago

just followed through? you knew the risks of letting one through but you took that risk and lost. adrenaline junkie

madbirdwoman 2742 days ago

Is there something scary at the top I wonder?

lauriepink 2821 days ago

I am studying your stairs in an interested "stair carpeting of writers" way. Hmmm, yes. Brown. Yes. Hmmmm...

TLHobo 2821 days ago

Another victim of multi-story buildings!

When will we learn!?!

TLHobo 2821 days ago

Another victim of multi-story buildings!

When will we learn!?!

JuliaBall 2821 days ago

Oh my God man, you look like you have had a fright :-)

Rant_in_E_minor 2821 days ago

I did a laugh. You and Stephen Fry win at Twitter.

oliverchalliner 2821 days ago

dave gorman already made that joke about stephens. feel embarrassed. cant delete comments on photos.

oliverchalliner 2821 days ago

this is up there with the photos of the plane in the hudson. twitter really does lead the information world.

oliverchalliner 2821 days ago

careful of the man in the red. he looked a bit pervy

lordlikely 2821 days ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, sir. Be brave. Be step at a time.

jenniferhen 2821 days ago

Hahahaha! Priceless. This made my evening.

simondyda 2821 days ago

OMG it's like a situation out of The Omen or something!

Shepnosis 2821 days ago

Deep breathes Graham, I'll get you some champagne.

kelvinwins 2821 days ago

Are there a group of people stuck on it with you? Perhaps perched on your shoulders?

laurasusan 2821 days ago

Is your jumper stuck in the Stannah?

pearcen 2821 days ago

Quick call the Stanna engineers!

Charliecondou 2821 days ago

Do you have product in your hair?

fearraigh 2821 days ago

Why do you have lift carpet on your stairs?

editorialgirl 2821 days ago