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I'm a man with conversation skills, and I'm a man with hundred dollar bills

Not pictured: THE FRINGE

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2016 days ago

Not pictured: THE FRINGE


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robsoko 1943 days ago

With 3-D glasses it is like you are jump out of the screen

HBarcus 1943 days ago

Agreed, you look like someone out of a low budget Cowboy and Indians movie xD

ngedz 2003 days ago

It looks good on you though!

TheMadHatter668 2005 days ago

You make it look good even if it looks like my grandma made it lol

nigeldelaney 2007 days ago

Nice one!!! It's like something from the wollen mills of west Ireland :-))))

mekarim 2008 days ago

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Olily_ 2010 days ago

i love that sweater!

Yarlz_myrsh 2014 days ago


dkwp 2015 days ago

wow is it unraveling? no wait, your unraveling. no no its me.. I'm unraveling. what a gorgeous face. even with that stunned horrified look.

kyliedelenikos 2015 days ago

wow, I actually love the hideous sweater of 2010

smoo_head89 2016 days ago

Centuries ago forged the deepest depths of hell one object well destroy the world that object........ Kat's Sweater...dun dun dun

smoo_head89 2016 days ago


burn it.....burn it all to hell!!!!!

BoomerRamone 2016 days ago

you make it look good

Ara_88 2016 days ago

I love it. Perfect sweater to watch movies in on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate.

__carmendy 2016 days ago

Is terrible that I love this, and have a similar sweater in gray, black, and purple? (Sans fringe)

chachachuy 2016 days ago

how DARE you?! that sweater looks AWESOME in all its fair-isle glory(even if its been knit by some machine)

BecketGalbraith 2016 days ago

Whoa. It's like an Ugly Christmas Sweater that can be worn all-year-round... Genius!

pantherjas 2016 days ago

I'm trying to like it..trying tooooAAARGH THERE IS NO GOD! I CAN SEE THE FACE OF DEAMON IN THE PATTERN AND IT'S LAUGHING AT ME! No it's cool. You look like an indian woman watching the white man murder her family. :D

johnwilliamA 2016 days ago

If you relax your eyes, a 3-D image appears!

Programme 2016 days ago

It looks like the end result of a Muppet and Banana splits gang bang. Some weird poorly designed cloth creature that only Fozzy Bear would love. Yet you some how pull it off. Mozeltov!