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2937 days ago


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lazlay 2912 days ago

Rest assured, i have now fixed this lift,(We had a delay getting the parts).

lizziemade 2915 days ago

Well, when you hit the bottom, they do say "the only way is up". Hmm, better find the stairs then!

alperozgur 2930 days ago

gotta use it to see this :D very british indeed...

kturfy 2931 days ago

Why is the sentance split over two lines, it's almost like there should be a drum roll between "This lift is" and "not in use."

TWITUYU 2934 days ago

Famous chef and food critic, Stephen Fry, gave his verdict on newly opened west-end restaurant: "The starter was particulary bad, it didn't go down well...neither did it go up..."

insider66 2935 days ago

schrodinger's lift?

AndrewTF 2936 days ago

If a lift is not in use does that make it a still and not a lift?

Suicune1000 2936 days ago

If only these things happened on the way *too* work, not from it...

jenmog 2936 days ago

Please follow me :). Goodness me, it sounds horribly arrogant to ask that!

wisteela 2936 days ago

They're not kidding there.

kyle1873 2936 days ago

a sinister giggle arose.

cordy1 2936 days ago

This is the sort of thing that would happen to me - it really made me chuckle! Sorry to laugh, but hey ho!

gregsie 2936 days ago

Stephen I have to ask. At anytime during the lift ordeal did you look toward your companions and wonder,if push came to shove,who would be most edible?

sugadante 2937 days ago

It should tell you that BEFORE you actually get inside the lift...

neildunne 2937 days ago

Oh Dear, you just know it will be one of those days

redazril 2937 days ago

Err, the lift IS in use. It's just not working. ;)

harblinger 2937 days ago

This is up there with "may contain nuts" on peanut packets for asinine statements. Oh how we laughed.

awesomeashlee 2937 days ago

bad times.

ElleSergi 2937 days ago

Oops, posted twice. Oh, and look, my paragraphing for effect was left out!! Gutted!

ElleSergi 2937 days ago

This lift is

a pile of poo.