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This is Sarah Palin's actual Facebook page, with cross hairs marking Democratic targets.

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2489 days ago

This is Sarah Palin's actual Facebook page, with cross hairs marking Democratic targets.


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Torrealba23a 2202 days ago

homc Hi take a look at

roninraleigh 2489 days ago

Now confirmed -- Palin pals around with terrorists, the T-party.

BloggerBarb 2489 days ago

It is such a SAD time for America. This tea party express is nothing short of you know what. I say to you Sarah, You were fired before we the people even hired you..

complexin 2489 days ago

It is a silly battle. Then again, she's got a silly audience.

phmayor 2489 days ago

Those icons have existed in the printing and graphic design world for ages -- used to line up a graphic so that it is straight. That was my first thought on seeing them, not a rifle sight.

sspencer1956 2489 days ago

I completely agree! This is messed up! Oh well, at least we have Comic Relief in Politics.

bijoudesigncom 2489 days ago

Seriously? This is so fucked up on so many levels.

HeidiHalabuda 2489 days ago

She needs a better graphic designer. Sadly, many graphic designers were laid off or work for themselves and can't afford health insurance. So the designer she needs to help her with her PR is probably dead.

Feagley 2489 days ago

Sure, Ellsworth is giving up his seat in 2010, but he's running for the Senate seat vacated by Evan Bayh. Here's hoping he wins.

fluffyman85 2489 days ago

This is only going to fuel more violent hate.

pizzanymph 2489 days ago

This reeks of that "abortion doctor" hit list (also, ahem, "suggestive of assassination"). And we know what happened to them.

fran_the_man 2489 days ago

Palin frequently demands regard for her family, yet shows none for the families of these representatives. Irresponsible and shameful.

c4keman 2489 days ago

yeah, but I've never seen something quite so suggestive of assassination from a politician, especially one north of the Mason-Dixon line.

CMIXON 2489 days ago

she could be to dingy to know she's going to inspire teabaggers to kill

kurometarikku 2489 days ago

I'm sorry, but this is such a silly battle for the left to fight. There has always been violent imagery and words in campaigns. Why do you think candidates have "war rooms"?

ikeezer 2489 days ago

Palin Jihad? Now who's the terrorist?

LordSaintRay 2489 days ago

Of course, they'd never!!!



TVGugs 2489 days ago

But it would be wrong to suggest that Republican leadership is doing anything to encourage violence among their supporters.