Kendall Schmidt


Enjoy Heffron Drive This is The official Heffron Drive twitter. Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt.

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1826 days ago

Check it out!


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ColoredAriana 837 days ago


Requiiz_ 1241 days ago

e my Lodgan

Requiiz_ 1241 days ago

My Kendgan , *O*

btrimagines123 1248 days ago

Ohhh saw soon many pretty faces before I saw you you!!! Now all I see is you only you<3 I'm soon to be Nicole Schmidt, Nicole Henderson, Nicole Pena, Nicole maslow which one sounds better?? I say its between Nicole Schmidt and Nicole Henderson I met

cupcake012797 1327 days ago

love this kendall and love you because your amazing talented sweet and funny.. one day ill meet u guys

Cadburylove93 1335 days ago

I so love this, Ken :* ♥ You look so awesome, your dimples, aaw !

jujcardoso 1550 days ago

own, my real lovesssss! love you guys so much, you have no idea

ITeamBiebz 1599 days ago

follow me please!! Very beautiful ♥

LetiiciaSaori 1602 days ago

my favorite boys s2'

btrforeva 1632 days ago

awesome! lol

bigtimerush55 1677 days ago

coool !!! BIG TIMER RUSH GUYS!!!!

ItsSandyLuvies 1689 days ago

i can barely see james's face!LOOKING HOT GUYS!

iloveloganh11 1701 days ago

Logan.<3 and if I were those people around them, I'd be ALL over them!

btr1fan 1721 days ago

kendall i love your dempalls

fluffypuffy89 1726 days ago

Ha!!! Look At Carlos&&James!!!I Love You Guys!!!! Especially Carlos && james!<3

wanttokissyou 1727 days ago

hahaha i love the picture (: guys you really are awesome

lesleeal 1733 days ago

hotties? yes says i :)

SierraNSmith 1748 days ago

you can hardly James or Carlos. I love Logan's smile and his eyes are SOOOOO sparkly

tequillaplease 1753 days ago

I love you all ! :D

eberod 1754 days ago