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Hey everybody look who it is!
Haha he killed it

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2399 days ago

Hey everybody look who it is!
Haha he killed it


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PetqToneva 1841 days ago

Justin Beaver :D

WantedRaeRusher 1971 days ago

I could kill Justin Bieber ;) xx

AngelicaBea16 1984 days ago

OMG! IS JUSTIN BARBIE! ops.. is Bieber. (:

karolynpva_ 1984 days ago


hopem0re 2018 days ago


BigTimeBiebs_ 2035 days ago

oh yes kendizzle, you're right! =) killed it! =D <3

EmzSwiggle 2046 days ago

Haha, he better have wreaked the whole night, the lil faggot >.< x

kendalls123 2052 days ago

<333 JUSTINNNN haha

team_logy 2090 days ago

haha is that jb

Carver73c 2112 days ago

ggqj Hi take a look at

BieberSoundz 2113 days ago

can y'all just shut up about justin? he is the most amazing person on earth & he is so damn beautiful! he cares about his fans like NO OTHER celebrity does .. what the hell did he do to you? YEAH RIGHT! NOTHING.. you are just jealous that he is succes

gustiex924 2114 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

eternalbleeding 2114 days ago

oh god, gag me with a pitchfork! Kendall, I really really hope you guys treat your fans better than he does...

BTRBaby46 2121 days ago

Why Is Everyone Always Saying Something negative Of Justin Bieber He Didnt do Anything wrong To anyone he's trying to live his life like the rest of us give him a break :)

kelsey_paresi 2121 days ago

Hey everyone look it's Mr. Gay mcFag pants

Camille_Nicole 2134 days ago

Justin Bieber was the only reason that I missed the show on purpose...hope you meant he sucked.

xKxOxCx 2135 days ago

EH...............btr is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better:D

LetiiciaSaori 2176 days ago

is ? OMG '

Mary804_ 2221 days ago

ooo i get it the kcas ahahahah

Mary804_ 2221 days ago

killed what? ahahah