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A dad teaches his son to play Vectrex, and I have something in my eye.

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2492 days ago

A dad teaches his son to play Vectrex, and I have something in my eye.


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JayBaen 2435 days ago

As a 40 year old with a 5 year old son ... these moments are priceless.

rurugby 2490 days ago

Just loved the classic arcade room -- playing Atari 2600 in there was a highlight -- Missile Command!

Graehaus_Studio 2490 days ago

That is so awesome, i wish I could of gotten one of those when I was a kid.

MagicWhiskey 2492 days ago

I first played with a Vectrex in my pediactric dentists' office as a kid, probably younger than this guy here!

CarbonAtoms 2492 days ago

Wow. Memories. I wonder whatever happened to my old Vectrex. Must... get....

LilSageStar 2492 days ago

I remember when my mom first taught me to play Asteroids - I started yelling in glee and mashing buttons and she looked like it was her Christmas. =)

ICptJackSparrow 2492 days ago

there is nothing I enjoy more than running alongside my daughter in Halo Custom Edition sniping fodder along the way to the flag; she's the better sniper ;)

bkittysd 2492 days ago

raising my girl right, too. TOD spike room escape, she gasps, "HIS HAT!!" So proud.

Boukje 2492 days ago

if there is ever a reason to get children, it is to teach them Vetrex ;)

mstonebridge 2492 days ago

Fantastic! Can't wait to do stuff like that with my son.