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Danny lost his mind today. Here he is frazzled.

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2055 days ago

Danny lost his mind today. Here he is frazzled.


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itsnota2mor 2049 days ago

WTF is wrong with EROCK.

firenicez 2049 days ago

How can someone be soo smart and look so dumb? Danny's Awesome...but now I know why he lost Guitar Hero...he was fluffin his hair while he was playin

FRIJOL79 2052 days ago


deeman0734 2052 days ago

someone beat me to it but god damnit, erock looks like a tard.

CreditUnionRobJ 2053 days ago

If that's not a video game character .... I don't know what is! I'm guessing you face Danny on the 93rd level of Zelda .....

thedarkstep 2053 days ago

never seen such a large fro combined with such a large receding hairline

RickSarasota 2053 days ago

time to shave that thing off baldy....youre not foolin anyone.

metallicafan123 2053 days ago

Professor Danny has reported

HOUSTONOTTO 2053 days ago

Sideshow Bob

justincrossphot 2053 days ago

Niceeee evil look.. well done Danny and Opie

jtfry01 2053 days ago

Stupid fat E-Rock in the background looking like a douche

mlh_arb 2054 days ago

The zits on his head under all that mess are bothering me.

hotshot70 2054 days ago

he looks like Yahoo Serious (Young Eistein, for those that need a reference)

rabiddtreefrawg 2054 days ago

Danny after being humiliated by an intern @ Guitar Hero?

durangopest 2054 days ago

http://images.thegauntlet.com/pics/syl2.jpg Very Strapping Young Lad-ish

NoWaeJose 2054 days ago

I've never wanted to scalp someone as much as I do with this side show Bob wannabe

PatFrmMoonachie 2054 days ago

Danny looks like the sound engineer for International Silver String Submarine Band! (Little Rascals)

MissLindsey420 2054 days ago

the guy's face in the background pretty much says it all. danny looks like those fucking clowns with the red wig that's all bald and white on top.

ladyz0e 2054 days ago

A bald afro is an afro to be frightened of :[

droppingmad 2054 days ago

gallaghers brother?!?!?!