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for the win

Last day at mode

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1829 days ago

Last day at mode


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Litosfera12321 1577 days ago

Noooo :((((

JuuuhFM 1614 days ago


cizelly420 1647 days ago

Last day at mode..sounds soooooooo sad..:( .....miss u guys so much..

calebmadison_ 1734 days ago

so beautiful! Miss you guys so much! Tried fighting for you guys. I sent over 10 emails to ABC begging them to bring you guys back. But thank you for all the memories.

FlorentinaBL 1796 days ago


MariaItzanoide 1796 days ago

ooh you look so cute together

calebmadison_ 1799 days ago

missing you guys so much!

adilya 1810 days ago

already miss Ugly Betty!!! :SSSS

MTITLUF 1817 days ago

OMG!!! OMG!!! I`ll miss you so so much!!! You re amazing!!!
Ugly Betty is the BEST show on the planet)))

TheLaurieD 1817 days ago

OMG I'm gonna miss you so badly ç___ç I'm going to watch the dvds over and over again. This is the best show EVER.

AshAccolade 1821 days ago

Ugly Betty is TRULY inspiring.I can relate to each character in the show. Thanks guys for making us laugh and cry with you.

Shandawgy 1822 days ago

This makes me so sad :( ugly betty is my favorite show. :((((

crazychanhi 1823 days ago

OMG I so sad... ... I love Ugly betty foever~

crazychanhi 1823 days ago

OMG It so sad... ... I love Ugly betty foever~

erosxstyle 1824 days ago

I do not believe it! Really? Here in Brazil are going through the third season yet. I love you, guys! So much!

UBAmandaFan 1826 days ago

So so so so sad... I think I'm gonna cry... I've been watching you guys ever since the first episode... can't believe it's almost over. Love you guys xx

Dani_marie1772 1827 days ago

Aw, soo sad!! Gonna miss you all...:(

ymmt112 1827 days ago

aww i miss you so much :-(

ManamiJP 1827 days ago

awesome pic, but makes me so sad:( I'll miss you all,,,

LoCo_Lost 1827 days ago

aaw........ i love you 3....