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2728 days ago


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suecq88 2636 days ago

I'm thinkin' that if you don't want to "speak" . . . another picture would say 1000 words ;)

MaxAF 2672 days ago

I think the Les Pauls belong Mr. Reynolds'? Was that a question?

DavesJoyfulGirl 2709 days ago

Oh to be a guitar being strummed by you. She sighs.

Amybtru4DMB 2709 days ago

Thanks for sharing these guitar pics it is so fascinating for a dork like me.

AceA5 2717 days ago

play play these sounds i adore
no one else could fill the sound
let the life empty out and pour
this world we love, death is bound

drajacky 2722 days ago

do u have the courage to give one of those babies away?

DrMickeyWitte 2722 days ago

along w/ everyone else i know, i am VERY upset at the Grammy's for not even mentioning Roi's passing. :'-( just emailed: to express my thoughts and to let them know how much they royally screwed up!!! we'll always love Roi!!!!

drajacky 2724 days ago

will be a day -U on a stage of my lovely land-

drajacky 2724 days ago

eating ice cream in front of the poors????? its TOO MUCH!!!!!

DrMickeyWitte 2727 days ago

holy crap! i hope you play with all of these beauties on the spring tour! :)

DM3MD55 2727 days ago

Where's the Martin???????

dmbroadie 2728 days ago

Very sweet

dan_warner 2728 days ago

nice danelectro!

breedlove32 2728 days ago

what are the gibsons?

dreamngtreehugr 2728 days ago

OOooh pretties! ;)

letmeclimbup 2728 days ago

Aaah! The lovely ladies.

vagirl2 2728 days ago


andremota07 2728 days ago

One of these costs more than my car!!! Hey come back to Brazil again!

zartjr 2728 days ago

Nice! I love the sound of the Veilette. Hope it shows up on the new album!

letmedrinkyou 2728 days ago

....desire to play .......

your guitar ......

of course