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Who is this guy and why does he keep yelling "Freebird"?

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2232 days ago

Who is this guy and why does he keep yelling "Freebird"?


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GIVN2FLYPJ09 2169 days ago

plz no more i would llike to see josh todd like that tee hee

hdoo27 2232 days ago

One wrong turn and this could have been The Commander...

_Linda1 2232 days ago

How did you get a picture of my exhusband? tee hee

pinkywotsits 2232 days ago

I don't know what's more disturbing - the fact that he has loads of guns or that he's never heard of Veet

CrueBear 2232 days ago

Omigod! I think I might have to pluck my eyes out now...Dude he could've at least worn pants! Haha!

ningurl 2232 days ago

Oh but HELLLL TO THE NAW!!!!! cover that shit up!!!!

thwipp89 2232 days ago

van zant...back from the grave?!

BombSquadGirl 2232 days ago

OMG!!!! OOHH MMMMY GAWD!! Use that sheet back there and over your self up!!! Nice Rock Band guitars in the gun collection!!

Cybitch 2232 days ago

Looks like Jack Black with a gun lol...... and fire lol x