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Who the hell is Wayne Bridge? LOL Someone please fill me in because I have no clue!

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2489 days ago

Who the hell is Wayne Bridge? LOL Someone please fill me in because I have no clue!


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BrainSister 2353 days ago

at least he has a british accent though =/

louis_wp 2451 days ago

How about Cristiano Ronaldo? aha~

meganfoxdanii 2465 days ago

rat papz. scurrying like lil mice

2478daysaweek 2477 days ago

Actually Arsenal's Andrei Arshavin has the hots for you Kim ! he deserves some loving as he's out injured with a broken leg, Ace guy too !

STARAZ 2479 days ago

Wayne Bridge british footballer.

mzceem 2480 days ago

don't you love it? Fact or Fiction its front page news.

jadeypiex 2481 days ago

wayne bridge plays chelsea in england proberlay someone making up lies!

LotsOfSexyPants 2483 days ago

hahaha awh i well new this was a lie, Wayne \bridge is a Footballer oh wait Scoccer player in england n seemily u 2 swapped numbers in a club.. Papers r Full of Shit! =]

AmiBella 2483 days ago

Wayne Bridge is a Soccer PLayer over in England he is super!! lol Kim you are gettin it!! lol j/k but nahh he is so nice, he is in Miami right now so that explains the rumours!

TWsian 2485 days ago

Google it

SoGladd 2485 days ago

Did you get the Free Galaxy Bar? :L:L

TypicalRodzzz 2485 days ago

haha where do they come up with this crap%3Pr

0oMandio0 2485 days ago

anything in The Sun or The Enquirer, or anything like them, is fake, and obviously fake! It's ridiculous, I don't know how people read it and believe it 80% of thing in magazines are exaggerated or made up. :/

moraarriaga 2485 days ago

busty kim!!! dont u laugh at those headlines?? lol

sabrina93100 2485 days ago


AMG133 2486 days ago

Wayne Bridge wishes he was with you, does John Terry

kitabo86 2486 days ago

lol i feel thats the same shiii i said lmfao ppl get a life

3Souls 2486 days ago

left defender of my favorite team Manchester City. I was surprised when i read this but now i know its fake. how do people randomly come up with this?

Jun__Ahmed 2486 days ago

no disrespect but put it this way he earns more than you in 1 week
Also he got cheated on with a team mate x

MelissaParkerx 2487 days ago

england footballer, his wife cheated on him.. sun lies all the time