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2819 days ago


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deja_vinewine 2816 days ago

Great line of guitars...wonder which one is your favorite?

jenniann 2818 days ago

wow thats looks nice!! and u have how many guitars?

typsy 2818 days ago

Times like this I'd like to be a little fly...

courtzdmb 2818 days ago

thanks so much for posting these pictures! I'm so pumped for the new album

letmeclimbup 2818 days ago

Where all the magic happens

vagirl2 2818 days ago

the more i look at these the more excited i get about the new album

gratefulnancy 2819 days ago

lots of guitars to make lots of sounds

dontburntheday 2819 days ago

how sick am i that i cant even see the guitars because i'm too busy looking for a reflection in that tv.

hippieness 2819 days ago

lovely lovely lovely.

SuzanneMonroe 2819 days ago

I feel like a kid in the candy shop.

SuzanneMonroe 2819 days ago

I wish I could reach into the photo and put my hands on those sweet pretty things.

zartjr 2819 days ago

It would be great to see ya using that semi-acoustic Gibson live! It reminds me of the Crush video.

LovelyRita13 2819 days ago

And a few extra for torching a la Hendrix

filmtress 2819 days ago

Is that a 'blues guitar I see there. Ooh, let's sing! BB King here we come!

McBronson 2819 days ago

Wheres the chet dave? i Miss it. You gotta bring it back!

nula36 2819 days ago

Awesome Dave - thanks for sharing these

Natersmcgee 2819 days ago

Never knew you had so many electrics. Do you have any Gibson's?

dreamngtreehugr 2819 days ago

(In my best Napoleon Dynamite) LUH-KEE!!!

Marmalade_Skies 2819 days ago

looong necks and sleek bodies.. what more could a girl ask for I ..erhmm ask you??

letmedrinkyou 2819 days ago