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Amybtru4DMB 2165 days ago

Waiting to be played

elecarter 2168 days ago

I like perfect lining. It is like curvy girls waiting to be used, abused and exhausted after exposed. Living for giving pleasure, how beautiful!

Duqbound20 2178 days ago


drpdmb 2183 days ago

i can hear the sweet angels

mversion 2183 days ago

this is in league with the kind of profits banks make. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO OWN SO MANY GUITARS!

ktliving 2183 days ago

nice guitars. now the question is do you play all of them!?

disordat 2183 days ago

Ahhh. To touch just on(c)e. Dave, you make my heart sing. See you in Vegas :)

jenniann 2184 days ago

very cool picture dave your so artsy

Meloncholy13 2184 days ago

Does true talent require so many accessories?

squarecloud 2184 days ago

...sleeping beauties

rapunzel1 2184 days ago

Truly awesome collection-I have a '39 Gibson L5 which is almost out of the restorer's hands as we speak. Can't wait!

airshebreathes 2184 days ago

Cool perspective with this shot! This is so damn sweet! I'd love to take shots of these and my life dream is to play one. For now...I just listen. wow.

dontburntheday 2184 days ago

i dont think theres a girl alive who could see this sight and not need to take a quick deep breath. you guys do too, but i promise its not the same :)

debbraheartsdmb 2184 days ago

WOW more guitars....more music right on right on :)

nanopal 2184 days ago

ok seriously dave, I think its illegal to have this may give me any one or twenty of them....

nanopal 2184 days ago

I think I just orgasmed...yep

hippieness 2184 days ago

im drooling...and i need to chang. got a lil too turned on... =)

SuzanneMonroe 2184 days ago

oooogle oogle ooogle.........

jhs4music 2184 days ago


Rui_Alves 2184 days ago

nice collection dave...don't forget to bring those to portugal