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2867 days ago


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iviART 2711 days ago

this is my fave one! can i have it..can iiiii ? pwwwwwleeeeeeaseee :)

he4ther78 2751 days ago

My friend makes beautiful stained glass art - we would be honored to create something original for you. I can have her do your favorite guitar? I will post a Methadeth guitar replica she created. It's amazing!

AceA5 2856 days ago

Some devil some angel

nlbevilacqua 2866 days ago

I can hear it calling...PLAY ME!

vagirl2 2867 days ago

...there she is

AnnyUllmann 2867 days ago

Simple, strong, beautiful. Suits you, I guess.

nanopal 2867 days ago

yes, yes

hippieness 2867 days ago diggity damn. oh sexy....

trblwyou34 2867 days ago

Bring a lil Break Free back?

DavidJBuchholz 2867 days ago

914 Taylor ? 414 bows down indeed

SuzanneMonroe 2867 days ago

yin and yang, so you.

svb09 2867 days ago

Reminds me of a black and white cookie.

filmtress 2867 days ago

This must bring out the 'devil' in YOU. You stand differently when you play it. Soooo Sexy, and you are half bad either!

twodmbstep 2867 days ago

sexy kinda...

letmedrinkyou 2867 days ago

What is this button on the side ?lol

katluvsdmb 2867 days ago

This is a very beautiful guitar sir...fits your music in my humble opinion. Good day.

dreamngtreehugr 2867 days ago

The yang to your yin...

Long_May_I_Run 2867 days ago

Opposing, but rooted together, complete balance

Marmalade_Skies 2867 days ago

Niiiice!! Im liking the whole B&W deal..

alpinedood 2867 days ago

I like the white on black fooo shoooo