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Nice treatment on the plate. They are incredibly light too. 195 grams. Bam.

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2701 days ago

Nice treatment on the plate. They are incredibly light too. 195 grams. Bam.


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LancetheBOSS 2688 days ago

it's So BEAUTIFUL...

malambert 2693 days ago

will these be available to the public?

doc__J 2699 days ago

Hey Lance, when do these come out?

peterdownie580 2700 days ago

work of art

velojoe 2701 days ago

Nice Shoes. So Rocket 7 is making these for NIke? How do they compare to your old pair?

vonwolffe 2701 days ago

WHOAAA!!!!! That flippin' RAWKS!!!

silvers76 2701 days ago

mmmmmm carbon

faithfulphish 2701 days ago

lookin' very light. Nice!

ryanmhayes 2701 days ago

Great looking shoe! Gotta love the smoke effect...awesome.

kbez73 2701 days ago

Nice. But yeah, they are Rocket7's, no? They make great shoes as long as your foot mold is done correctly

williampegg 2701 days ago

Awesome!! What does the rest of the shoe look like..??

GilesDrake 2701 days ago

That is awesome, shame that most of the cool stuff would be covered up by a cleat.

robspitler 2701 days ago

s long as they don't have a TX flag on them they will be cool

shawncois 2701 days ago

Ummm Rocket 7...shshshshshsh

kprater13 2701 days ago

That is sweet. wish mine looked like that.

peelay 2701 days ago

Can someone tell me where I can get nike cycling shoes (and gear) in GTA (Toronto)? My LBS doesn't carry nike stuff, would love to know! Oh, nice shoes btw, I'll take two pairs!

arnoldcanlas 2701 days ago

awesome! nice shoes.

velobabe 2701 days ago

HA! From the tweet, I thought this was going to be food until I clicked over. Plate... light... 195 gms of...

JeffDomingues 2701 days ago

I feel faster just looking at that shoe.

mpegcto 2701 days ago

new nike tag line - "just smoke em, swoosh"