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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Opie's Eye...look Ma no hands!

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2672 days ago

Opie's Eye...look Ma no hands!


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bessanutz 2425 days ago

2 seconds before the hey ma i hit a pothole and can't get up !

mhotrum 2661 days ago

Bike cost more than the Jeep eh Ope

itsnota2mor 2666 days ago

Good one OP. Brake your neck too while your at.

MissLindsey420 2669 days ago

oh come now...that is a very fancy bike. it's got a reflector in front and everything.

jpmorgan26 2669 days ago

could your bike be anymore gay, could it?

nathanielsays 2671 days ago

Your Trek is worth more than your Jeep.

rabiddtreefrawg 2671 days ago

Look Ma Severe Head Trauma

durangopest 2671 days ago

The shot right before you launch over the hood of a cab sans bike.

nauticalstar 2671 days ago

that's a cool shot

mrrjr 2671 days ago

and you give Ant hell for his crazy driving habits....

jjr007 2671 days ago

I hope your next pic is you in the hospital bed after hitting a dump truck. Frrrrrrunkis! (6 r's)

Tom____Green 2672 days ago

do da bit do da bit do da bit

BrianHanscom 2672 days ago

your gonna put an eye out...

RickSarasota 2672 days ago

im praying there were children heaving sticks at your spokes....fingers crossed :)

jollypirate 2672 days ago

all right now , your messing with Lil Jimmys mortgage payment , now cut the crap. Who do you think you are ,Ant

synackfinack 2672 days ago

Hope you did not violate your "Insurance Rider"

alcoholandirony 2672 days ago

oh man, you must be going sooooooooooo fast...But really I'm sad I live in shit fuck Iowa and can't ride my bike right now. Ah boo.

VolvoPhil 2672 days ago

After you hit the pothole - look Ma no teeth!

lineman6924541 2672 days ago

Bet you still have the training wheels on it.

FeverSac 2672 days ago

Are you picking your nose with both hands?