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Official Eliza Dushku. Be forewarned: I'm accused of speaking my own language here... Enjoy

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Identify this signature from Dollhouse/Series Finale- you'll get a shout-out! Lol

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1486 days ago

Identify this signature from Dollhouse/Series Finale- you'll get a shout-out! Lol


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Heyyo_itsjenny 1436 days ago

wouah !! it's magnificent !!

iamwhatiam1810 1447 days ago

it's either your autograph or summetr glau
has anyone got the right answer?

Paige3012 1453 days ago

yeah its Summer Glau. (i think) lol

DanielCyrus 1458 days ago

Is it Summer Glau

Fuze83 1471 days ago

Has ne1 got the correct answer yet LOL

supportalexz 1474 days ago

It's Max Factor Dushku's. Now give me a s.o. or someone's gonna get dry-gulched, "Dwight" style.

dov40045653 1479 days ago


Greenbay_light 1481 days ago

David Solomon

jakjck1001 1482 days ago

david soloman

natedushkufan 1482 days ago

i would say David Solomon or Dichen Lanchman

mossomness 1483 days ago

I'm going for David Solomon.

TalkinTrash 1484 days ago

DAVID SOLOMON!!!!! LOVE YA ELIZA!!! U should totally come to the UK! =D x

dov40045653 1484 days ago

I think it could me yours or David Solomon, thats really hard and i really want a shout out :( xx

allie_capone 1485 days ago

I'm gonna go with Enver Gjokaj, though it just looks like when I "forge" my mom's signature.. scribbles. =)

djsodapop 1485 days ago

its eliza dushku

AmberView 1485 days ago

No, that's Bruce Dickinson for sure....

thespirithotel 1485 days ago

I'm gonna go completely random and guess Brandon Dieter.

nrcardoza 1485 days ago

It's not LOVE but ZONE.

LaureneLorente 1485 days ago

i guess it's David Solomon :). But i'm not sure

kw8t13 1485 days ago

if we're going by characters, i'd say claire saunders.