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Another pic of the dogs in Central Park.

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2906 days ago

Another pic of the dogs in Central Park.


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Meowcrazy 2894 days ago

friend has an apartment just across from there on e 97th

christhetrucker 2906 days ago

I cant tell. which ones are the dogs

41bartender 2906 days ago

mexican porn? 3girlsalldogs.com lol

surfingtrucker 2906 days ago

Which one is Chester?

Taos22 2906 days ago

13 dogs, I guy?

skyalbino 2906 days ago

Where's the anti-freeze dog chow when yah need it most!

ConfuzedMind 2906 days ago

Hey Op, how did you get the dogs to stay, meditation........OOoommmmmmmmmm

checkpuleaze 2906 days ago

loafing dogs, get up and walk like the humans

Bralio 2906 days ago

A St. Bernard? In NYC, really?? People amaze me.

Lady_Trucker 2906 days ago

Love the pictures Opie!

SickSean 2906 days ago

wtf is the point of dog walkin services? if u don't have time to walk ur own dog then u dont have time for a dog and shouldnt own one

WetChicken 2906 days ago

This is Kerpal. You kicked my dog, you bastard!

fatty_mumpsneck 2906 days ago

I thought you said warm day. I still see snow. Do the owners pick up the dog poopie?

norris2u 2906 days ago

opie where is the bike and a full pic of jeep

Flowizm 2906 days ago

Post a pic of you're bike, let's see if it's in better shape than you Jeep.

yfbl 2906 days ago

Got penut butter? }:-)

TakenX 2906 days ago


radh77 2906 days ago

Ramoooone.... pick that shit up!