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Look at the handsome stud I woke up next to. Jealous ladies? ;-)

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1986 days ago

Look at the handsome stud I woke up next to. Jealous ladies? ;-)


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Missjess005 1941 days ago

SO jealous!!!! ")

Sherry_Foster 1976 days ago

awww....very cute kelly..

joshylofty 1976 days ago

AWW moomoo looks JUST like my lil boy, Patsy i love him. :D

JessicaMaree13 1981 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe :) MooMoo :D

AnnaBanana713 1981 days ago

MooMoo!!!! Awwwww

FearlessSwiftie 1984 days ago

Etremely! Care to share?

lgaulzetti 1985 days ago

He is SOOO cute! I can't wait to see you tomorrow night at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. My daughter and I have coloring books and crayons for all of you guys!! How can I get them to you? : )

Teri_Ernest 1986 days ago

I most certainly am!

xoKaylaNicole 1986 days ago

I am jealous yes!

xoKaylaNicole 1986 days ago

I am jealous yes!

Macrumpster 1986 days ago

Extremely. Is he single?

janetmclark 1986 days ago

what a handsome stud waking up next to you! so precious and cute!

sewoaksfanatic 1986 days ago

oh our two were named Beignet & Gumbo...wanta guess my hometown?!?! Gumbo passed away...

sewoaksfanatic 1986 days ago

what a cutie Kellie!! I have one boy left..just recently lost one of our posted on my facebook page if interested! I just LOVE chihuahua photos!! its always been a family dog since I was little--grandpa & everyone seemed to each have

nacstac 1986 days ago

he's precious

rachelmarie77 1986 days ago

SOOO jealous.

TapTap9 1986 days ago

o wow

haleymsanders 1986 days ago

wow, hes a keeper! you had better watch his back, make sure no one snatches him up (me...) LOL

shaeffermom 1986 days ago

Yes I am jealous...LOL

Pcolagirl30 1986 days ago

What a cutie!! You're lucky Kellie!