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LC has dinner with @Vampiric_AQW

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2145 days ago

LC has dinner with


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AlanzaDemonica 2145 days ago

Aye, they were friends before all this, and they stay friends. =D I dunno. ;-;

Veluxier 2145 days ago

Why does this make me so sad?

Crystal_Lion 2145 days ago

Heh,rivals actually chatting over dinner?

AlanzaDemonica 2145 days ago

Yeah, me and Vamp have been friends for a while, now. =D
Hehehe, and the tiles were a different pattern. LOL yeah. xD

HayIVampi 2145 days ago

Hehe, true. I couldn't even copy where you put your foot because the cups were at different angles xD Usually YOU'RE the one who has difficulty moving into the right positions, hehe.

Veluxier 2145 days ago

You guys have so much fun...

AlanzaDemonica 2145 days ago

'Specially you. =P I lol'd.
LC: Thanks! =)

HayIVampi 2145 days ago

You guys have no idea how long we took to get our hands in the right positions. xD /me raises goblet Nice place, LC ^^