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Pixie got fixed today, not a fan of the "lamp shade" :(

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2317 days ago

Pixie got fixed today, not a fan of the "lamp shade" :(


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Sherry_Foster 2306 days ago

awwww hope she is doing better

BekaGinHallHust 2312 days ago

Awww. Poor thing. That's very responsible of you, though, Kelly! I wish everyone would spay & neuter. It prevents pets from being in shelters

Macrumpster 2316 days ago

Awww,how appropriate if she brightens your life! It would take a shade the size of the universe to shade your light. It's amazing how many people you effect in a positive way everyday.Great job you have.

sewoaksfanatic 2316 days ago

poor baby!

blablablksheep 2316 days ago

Hey , That's the name of my baby girl too. Here she is

ashcrash1 2316 days ago

It makes her look even more styleish!:) sorry im a goof ball.

north_clt 2316 days ago

She's precious. She might not like the cone, but I'm sure she understands you'd only do what's best for her.

KyleSven 2316 days ago

Good for you for being responsible and helping to stop animal overpopulation!

JessicaMaree13 2317 days ago

*puzzled & it was kinda cute

JessicaMaree13 2317 days ago

Awwwwwee, poor thing :( Those cones are annoying. When my dog had his on, it was HILARIOUS though. Just because he's so small & he didn't realise it meant he couldn't go and hide behind the couch or whatever & he would try to fit through and get all puzzl

N0_LV3 2317 days ago

Oh know, it's the "Cone of Shame".

LittlePeople666 2317 days ago

poor thing, my dog looked hilarious and ran into mine and my husbands legs tryin to get us to take it off of him lol

KYChelsMarie 2317 days ago

awww...poor little girl :( why don't u take it off and just watch her...thats what i did w/ my baby girl...she never needed it either, she left it alone

SC_Psych_O 2317 days ago

my Zoey didnt have to have that when she was fixed. wonder why?

sunnyslife 2317 days ago

too stinkin cute!!! she'll b the life of the party with the coolest lampshade!!

bigred3319 2317 days ago

Kellie, your lucky your a girl, guys can't look a male dog in the eye for a few days after that procedure.

janetmclark 2317 days ago

hope you feel a lot better pixie! love those eyes thougn

Mysti_Eyed_Ink 2317 days ago

Ha...schweeeet...I guarantee u brought a tear to Bob Barker's old eyes today....

ashyd11 2317 days ago

awww poor Pixie! my doggy didn't like it eiter. she was miserable for like a wk, or however long it was. it seemed like forever! hope she feels better soon!

SuzanneM_64 2317 days ago

Hugs and kisses Pixie. Hope you feel better soon.