Charlie McDowell


I write letters to the girls who live above me. GAM= Girls Above Me

Dear GAM, I can hear u best from this spot. My family has described this image as "the lowest moment in my life."

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2260 days ago

Dear GAM, I can hear u best from this spot. My family has described this image as "the lowest moment in my life."


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eminere 1555 days ago

This can't be your lowest moment - you're still elevated well above the floor

tomp_stomp 1738 days ago

I sat in my sink once I was stuck for a very long time, I believe my family said similar things

Doni417 1807 days ago

Love the shoes and you're blog is amazing!!

LindseyW90 1984 days ago

Sexy man with sexy shoes and a sexier computer. Marry me?

LarraKyleen 2018 days ago

Thank you for saying a thousand of the things I want to say to the lesbians next door.

whitneypowers 2052 days ago

haha. nice. ass in the sink.

NeonCrayon 2080 days ago

That actually looks comfortable. Just bring a cushion next time.

jojo1195 2082 days ago

I knew you were a chucks dude !!!!!!!!!

TheNinetySecond 2145 days ago

That's the kind of kitchen I want. Too bad I'm quite good freinds with all of my neighbours...

asdfjklang 2151 days ago

This looks like the kitchen in the apartment in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

LexiSteele 2174 days ago

Yes, when will those girls realize you are under their heels?..hmm

lambchop11291 2180 days ago

Dudem, I love you. Where do you get your pants? I love them as well.

katylizzard 2184 days ago

You are awesome. Also I am LOVING the Jack Purcell's!

hisundyinglove 2185 days ago

Apple ftw. You're extremely awesome. Thanks for the laughs.

Lisasherratt 2188 days ago

Just dicovered you on stumbled upon....distracted me for a good 15 mins wen I'm supposed2b working!

thathotcanadian 2188 days ago

I also love your apartment, sense of humor, and shoes :)

jntbabay 2191 days ago

Wow.. I just stumbled upon your site. LOVE IT! Funneh pic fyi

sleepyglowstar 2191 days ago

Hahahah I love getting to see around your apartment.... But seriously :D

RedMacl 2193 days ago

Dude, Nice shoes....

deirdrekelly21 2194 days ago

you have a beautiful apartment and an awesome sense of humor!!