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Me and Rocky just finished watching Rocky! Lol! He fell asleep though! Cheap date!

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2258 days ago

Me and Rocky just finished watching Rocky! Lol! He fell asleep though! Cheap date!


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AlexeChabot11 2203 days ago

AAWWWUU!!! I have a boxer too!! Her name is Macha!!

LaLaCheetahSwag 2210 days ago

aww he is so cute!! i just want to take him :)

NATTiLoVe21 2215 days ago

aww hes adorable. I have the same dog his name is KOBE lol :)

Precious_Yve 2220 days ago

aaww how cute =D

wilsonc8565 2227 days ago

Post more pic's of Rocky!! I love boxers and have had 2. Best dogs ever.

rossiex 2238 days ago

Que lindo Rocky!! I have a small Chiquaqua mixed.. His my alarm no need for batteries.. ;)

Jamila_89 2238 days ago

sweet Rocky it is similar mine deejay :-)

jamiegrod 2248 days ago cute...mann..i think they are the best becoz they always there even when others aren't sometimes!and they are good company...

Afestervan 2249 days ago

Aww how cute he looks like my female boxer jolie

lisababyyy23 2251 days ago

how cute, i love dogs. i do that with myy blackk lab.

tinkerbellj25s 2252 days ago

OMG! he is such a cutie. i could fall right to sleep next to him.

MissMxox 2254 days ago

aww! he looks so comfyy! what a cutie

AmiBella 2256 days ago

super cute are u babysittin or should i say dogsittin rocky while his mommy is away?? lol

idolkim 2256 days ago

thats very cute bro

sportskitty 2257 days ago

awwww...beautiful dog...maybe he thought Rocky was overrated...ya know, a 'yawner'...but yeah, a classic movie at that time...just like when the first Jaws movie came you watch it and it's funny....kiss kiss

CoCoa_Bossy 2257 days ago

wow, u took me back to my childhood with that Movie. Beautiful

ashleygirl31 2257 days ago

I hope you get full custody of Rocky :-) I rule in your favor citing you are the responsible parent, lol!

beautiful019 2257 days ago

that bed looks to comfy maybe thats why he couldn't keep his eyes open.

lajaneaguilar 2257 days ago

I love it! I love taking pics of my dog while sleeping too, I probably have milions.

passionatep69 2257 days ago

aww thats too cute next time get a movie that rocky won't fall asleep on lol blessings to you.