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Korean night with @shaunevaristo & @LyleBeniga! Learn 'Wedding Dress' & 'Where U At'. I'll be there!!!

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2349 days ago

Korean night with & ! Learn 'Wedding Dress' & 'Where U At'. I'll be there!!!


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gabbiegrrrl 2280 days ago

wish youll have one in Manila :( huhu.

ThomazChee 2348 days ago

Damn, = (

blueshields 2349 days ago I reallllllyyy want to go. but i live to far away(michigan). sooo saddd.

stormshiiit 2349 days ago

hmmm. how 'bout teaching here or having ur own dancing school in the philipines.
it would be fun!
too bad can't go too far.

Okopuffs 2349 days ago

Ah can't go but PLEASE take pics and vids so we can all see!!!!!

SoultrainAdrian 2349 days ago

sorry haha I'll go but I(maybe many people) hope see you soon in korea!

SoultrainAdrian 2349 days ago

I'll go!!! +_+ See ya soon in Korea!

drm31 2349 days ago

come to Chile!! TOT!! with Tae yang! TOT!

kawaicara 2349 days ago

haha woah! my comment sounds JUST like the girl below me lol.
sry bout that.

kawaicara 2349 days ago

aww! that sounds awesome! Sadly, i'm on the other side of the country :(

xnuhgooyin 2349 days ago

you guys should tour the US giving dance classes :) so everyone could have a chance to go! hahaha

CordialLi 2349 days ago

0.0!! This sounds amazing!!! I sooooo wish I could go, but sadly I'm on the other side of the U.S. >_

twistandfall 2349 days ago

ohmg this look freaking awesomeeee. wish i could be there ㅠㅠ have fun!

itsa_KPOPthing 2349 days ago

hey aimee! PLSSS let us know how much NON-ASIAN fans take the class! like LITTLE, A LOT, SUPER A LOT? lol.. man hope some1 takes a quick vid or sumn!

panamakira 2349 days ago

OMG...this sound so fun~!! I don't have dance coordination but I want to go....beginners can go too?

realanabanana 2349 days ago

I wanna go! T.T

Justr1na 2349 days ago

i can't go ! live so far !

xuchini 2349 days ago

oh how i wish i could beam myself to there Oo have fun =)