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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Driving home from dinner at SORMANI here in Paris - one of my fav spots

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2318 days ago

Driving home from dinner at SORMANI here in Paris - one of my fav spots


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Cora007xyz 2301 days ago

You are driving in a german Mercedes Car. :) Good quality of cars but too expensive for me..

LoBotattedblnd 2303 days ago


LarryBirdy 2317 days ago

Hey I thought your GTO travelled everywhere with you....... You could've really laid down some doughnuts on the Champs!

GordonGManning 2317 days ago

Paris is a beautiful city

ste960 2317 days ago

Lance !!!! it's a MERCEDES !!!!!!!

PEETIEGIRL 2318 days ago

The city of lights!

MartiTBo 2318 days ago

Lance, My husband and I were in this exact spot June of 2006, I know where you are. It looks like you are in front of the Are de Triomphe, am I right?

taberry1119 2318 days ago

Beautiful picture, maybe someday I will get to see it in person. :)

ddritzenhein 2318 days ago

Great Photo

sjstill 2318 days ago

Can't wait to get back to Paris. Either this year or next to watch you finish Le Tour De France...

caroviarmes 2318 days ago

Welcome in Paris LA!The arc de Triomphe is the witness of your7victories, perhaps 8, but the best is against cancer!

CaliShamburg 2318 days ago

Beautiful. Lance you have inspired me. I have really gotten into tri events and road biking because of your books that I have read and I love it.

camilled76 2318 days ago

j'espère que tu y seras en juillet ;)

jonkeay 2318 days ago

i'll be there 2 weeks on sunday for the paris marathon, wish me luck!

WhirlygirlMary 2318 days ago


YanPer 2318 days ago

Et ont aimerais bien te revoir en jaune aussi a cette endroit ! après avoir battu l'espagnol !.... tu comprend le français je présume... ?

kristenaldridge 2318 days ago

That looks incredible!

cu_mr2ducks 2318 days ago

Nice Benz commercial too.

grassman73 2318 days ago

What cuisine is SORMANI? Good luck Lance!!

SusquCyclist 2318 days ago

HANDS ON THE WHEEL! No taking photos! Nice car though!