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President Sarkozy's new bike! He loves the sport of cycling.

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2382 days ago

President Sarkozy's new bike! He loves the sport of cycling.


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derSuperSarkozy 2368 days ago


RundaveInOZ 2378 days ago

Does President Sarkozy have to ride with a large peloton of bodyguards? I just can't imagine him heading out for long solo rides or even with a bunch of mates on the weekend.

asicsrunner 2378 days ago

hope, he will ride this fantastic bike.

chris2ffer 2378 days ago

lucky bastard! :O

blue_aspen 2379 days ago

don't know why looking at that bike make me think of Carla Bruni ;-)

Mauhum 2381 days ago

Zut alors! He didn't go for a French bike?!!!!!

BossGobbler 2381 days ago

If you have a photo of President Obama's bike, please post.

Christyboy71 2381 days ago

Nice bike, wonder what it was doing in Calpe?

thomasdc3112 2381 days ago

so Sarkozy gets a new bike because he had an old model. Well... what do I get for riding a MTB that's 5 years old? I'd take better care of the bike, ride it more often and would be a whole lot happier with it!

VincentMILESI 2381 days ago

Not bad the bike of the President of the Republic, kept silent he made a beautiful present. I am jealous, I would like to have a trek madone 6 series RadioShark or Livestrong.

TomPiotrowski 2381 days ago

Let's hope the paint won't peel off as it does from my Trek Madone!

niseoshou 2381 days ago

Time, Look, Lapierre涙目ww

rthom1 2381 days ago

Surely the saddle is too high !!!

sherpasd 2382 days ago

Sweet ride. USA technology in French hands. Gotta love it!

Psyche1118 2382 days ago

No power meter? Must not be training that hard...

RiderJohn 2382 days ago

The French won't ride an American bike!0

Bikerhemp 2382 days ago

Amaizing bike !

wtadlock 2382 days ago

I'll take mine in 58cm please

KillasRacing 2382 days ago

exelent bike and is the best for training !!!

MisterP__ 2382 days ago

is beatiful bike, wow, i love it, the bontrager wheels are great