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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Moon today. Sleep well!!!

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2257 days ago

Moon today. Sleep well!!!


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claudinhabm 2238 days ago

Tão misteriosa...

ManubrioReds 2251 days ago


IM7507 2252 days ago


makotoonda 2252 days ago


ksiyagorn 2253 days ago

อยากมอง ตลอด ดวงจันทร์

kured 2254 days ago


giota74 2254 days ago

amazing !!!!!!

leilaovik 2255 days ago

I wonder whats on the dark side

PC0101 2256 days ago

Have a look at this picture (available as background for your Twitter account); it illustrates my comment

PC0101 2256 days ago

Space is dark as there is no atmosphere to scatter light. Lights are those on Earth seen in direction of our planet.

suka0421 2256 days ago


mamampie 2256 days ago

Oh wow that is stunning. Beautiful moon.

tapiano 2256 days ago

Beautiful!! Thank you!!

L3TRC_______lll 2256 days ago

siempre quise ver la luna: algo mas cerca no podras ?

cocobluesky 2256 days ago

Awesome! Look at this texture!! I never imagined how the moon look like this :)

BHMAN2010 2256 days ago

soichi , good morning !!! congratulations !!! you are genial !!!
I wonder if the space seen by you on the space station is this deep dark or is full of lights? bye !!!

YongiBear 2256 days ago

Floating moon in a bottomless, pitch-dark space always makes me peaceful. Thanks for providing us with that precious photo.

pat888 2256 days ago


marielisacoba 2256 days ago

Really awesome!!! thanks for share your pics.. BEAUTIFULL