Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Why not?

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2267 days ago

Why not?


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MeSue 2217 days ago

Et tu, Lance? (sorry, we suffer from fixie overload in these parts)

theodour 2235 days ago

bang bang, that bike looks faster than a speeding bullet. go get 'em

frenchrangoon 2247 days ago

yeah... ONLY 7. So disappointing.

belgianbob 2250 days ago

Ow, my knees!

AntMcl 2252 days ago

Lance only won 7 Tours, not 8...

mrfurrypants 2253 days ago

Lance the messenger, got a message for France "8 victories by an American whose only drug is determination and willpower, ouch, that's gotta hurt"

scotbyrdcreates 2257 days ago

I've got one too, minus the SRM - I ride it @ ADT as well... go for it LA!

Schueyjr 2258 days ago

Fixies are cool, Lance. Just dont ride in Vans slip-ons and tight jeans and a messenger bag.

jlcbikes 2262 days ago

No no. The Flying Scotsman made his from the washing machine. I so hope you go for the hour dude. The race of truth.

kenem 2264 days ago

Athlete's hour record? It's not UCI legal Lance.

msailer 2264 days ago

fixies RULE! Great for training on the hills and flats. Have fun!

mtbtec 2264 days ago

Just as long as you dont start wearing funny girl jeans

gcdrdent 2264 days ago

Exactly! It's one of the funest ways to ride!

arkanciscan 2265 days ago

Traffic intersections, and non-level unbanked roads, that's why not. The real world is not a velodrome.

bikehugger 2265 days ago

dafartmaster 2266 days ago

Kuipke in Ghent, Belgium (
there you can learn the best technique, it is the shortest circuit. FUN!

hugo_eisblog 2266 days ago

nice...SRM-Single Speed. :-)

RyJACK 2266 days ago

Gotta love the fixie! Training, one hour record, or another day w/ MASH?

Waikoloa_Gal 2266 days ago

You'll love the Santa Rosa area for training. Beautiful countryside.