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letmedrinkyou 2566 days ago

Even so .............................

I kiss you

SweetLillyM 2566 days ago

Yikes! Haha, you make me laugh!

puppy4urluv 2566 days ago

^^ that monkey dun lost his tree ^^ or sat on a stump ?!

DavidJBuchholz 2566 days ago

That is some scary ass shit, neighbor...scary ass indeed

SnIcKeRd00dLe 2566 days ago

You look like you have...very nice straight teeth.

SnIcKeRd00dLe 2566 days ago

I had to think about that. You do makes faces.!)

filmtress 2568 days ago

You look like Danny Elfman when he was OingoBoingo. "I, I, I like little girls they make me feel so...good."

Marmalade_Skies 2568 days ago

how is it even possible you were able to make the same face I was making mere minutes ago due to such an utter need for sleep.. hey trade ya jobs friend.. erhmm never mind.. I cant play a guitar.. lol

SuzanneMonroe 2568 days ago

just joking... that came off the wrong way

SuzanneMonroe 2568 days ago

that's what I'm gonna look like tonight

LovelyRita13 2568 days ago

Awwww ... the poor widdle birdie flew into a window!

AtomicShroom 2568 days ago

I remember back in the 1960's and 1970's feeling like that.

krisstie 2568 days ago

Thanks! :) Or should I say :D

UMightDieTryn 2568 days ago

sometimes they just dont want to come out so you gotta push , push , push em out. i know how this feels.

MissBeckala 2568 days ago

Loves it.

tarbooze41 2568 days ago

looks like u r trying to poop. U should eat more fiber!

Gr8tfulDayz 2568 days ago

You scare me lol

StinkyShelby 2568 days ago


dreamngtreehugr 2568 days ago

Ha! Saucy...