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I work for CA-49 and I'm the House GOP's chief watchdog.

#HC TWITTER CAPTION CONTEST: what's wrong with this picture? (Winners get featured on my website TOMORROW PM...reply by @ or DM)

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1889 days ago

#HC TWITTER CAPTION CONTEST: what's wrong with this picture? (Winners get featured on my website TOMORROW PM...reply by @ or DM)


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womanowar 1886 days ago

add perforations to the pile of paper call the health care bill and roll it out as toilet paper, it is THE most corrupt piece of legislation this country has ever seen.

malcombr 1887 days ago

It is too late for the contest, but I like:
"OK. Who is going to clean this mess up?"

mojopsu83 1887 days ago

What? Too many big words for the Republicans? Too bad this much analysis didn't go into preventing the Iraq debacle.

SJWilliby 1887 days ago

Democrats--destroying personal freedom and a forest--one bill at a time.

tazachusetts08 1887 days ago

09 bill has more simplicity No Backroom deals and is what Constituans want, not the garbage from Obama,doesn't kill as many trees.

DickDBiker 1887 days ago

I thought Bullshit was brown.

LeeOgilvie 1887 days ago

2010 bill has more paper...More Paper = More Legislation. More Legislation = More Restrictions. More Restrictions = the wrong thing for America

kliles 1887 days ago

"It's easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name - we call it recycling." -Ted Danson

patriot101 1887 days ago

Congress wasteful at its worst. Think of all the trees they killed to print that unconsitutional disaster piece of legislation.

lamblock 1887 days ago

Every sheet of Obamacare kills a tree and liberty.

Aglover100 1887 days ago


missfilibuster 1887 days ago


missfilibuster 1887 days ago

The NEW environmentally sustainible party: the GOP!

SILENCEisDEADLY 1887 days ago

Lib leadership HYPOCRISYis what's depicted-Claimed HC w/b Bipartisan&Transparent; yet O'Care grew w/out BiPART "reform" & w/BACKDOOR bribes

kaywynn 1888 days ago

Issa falls short on ideas!

SMendi 1888 days ago

Paperwork Reduction Act 2010; It worked for IRS 1980 :)

bringsdogtowork 1888 days ago

Obamacare makes good kindling ...

bringsdogtowork 1888 days ago

Time for a bonfire ...

bringsdogtowork 1888 days ago

So many words, so little sense

Audna 1888 days ago

Vote YES on Obamacare lest millions of trees died in vain.