Demi Moore


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2185 days ago


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TateTwo 2108 days ago

I'll bet he was a sweetheart...nice pic

jasperprincess 2117 days ago

Must be an open relationship.

lancebops 2118 days ago

You all must be reloading with dust :)

buffy1962 2119 days ago

I have a picture with Michael on my birthday...we were in Dallas

togetherinlife 2122 days ago

Demi looks great as always

Lisa2900 2128 days ago

very sweet pic..hugs and love

LatentImage 2162 days ago

U & Ashton seem like a fun couple..

pillows97 2164 days ago

u just get more and more beutiful every year keep duin whatever it is u do

C_Lo2 2176 days ago

beautiful Demi, very cool, very charming, every day more.

jojobiker 2177 days ago

oK NOW yOURE wEARriNG tHE jaCKET..i BET You 2 SWe op clOTHES aLL day loNG LOL!

DuaneDFreeman 2177 days ago

Demi you look as beautiful a woman as you always have been.

DONTbRUDE 2178 days ago

I'd rather see Demi and Ashton....

mama2booboo 2178 days ago

You look beautiful, Demi.

gaildsmith 2179 days ago

You are so incredibly beautiful, how come I was at the back of the line when they gave out the gorgeous genes??

nhlchick4 2183 days ago

Total stud! You go girl!

marinasgo 2184 days ago

I you were my hero as a teenager (I'm a coupole of years younger than you)in St Elmo's Fire. And all of these years later (of which we won't speak)you are still the woman that I most want to look like. Very cool

MissAlanius 2184 days ago

Beautiful lady. =]

erinkmaxwell 2184 days ago

Demi you look beautiful! -Erin

LuvLilliput 2185 days ago

he IS a stud - but WOW you're looking amazing!!

KezD 2185 days ago

Looking good Demiiiiiiii! x