Ed Davis


PF for the Toronto Raptors

Look at this little ass room me and @DStrick01 got to share

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2322 days ago

Look at this little ass room me and got to share


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tarheel4244 2321 days ago

Dean- 2 Roy-2 = 4 Duke- 3 (all time). Leave it to a Duke fan to screw the math up.

blueduke 2321 days ago

Yap yap yap says the idiot unc fan who probably couldn't find their campus with a Tomtom. coach K had back surgery for your info and btw he has as many titles as Roy and Dean combined. Not only that there's no phony made up title hanging in Cameron like

dgibbs121 2321 days ago

why don't you dook fans go fuck each other? How about this, two national championships in the last five years. When was the last time yall won a NC? Atleast our coach didn't take a leave of absense with "back problems" when we had a down year. By the way,

rcaddell23 2321 days ago

look, I'll always have my fellow tarheel's back. Ed and I don't have to know each other... that's what sets UNC apart.

blueduke 2321 days ago

Hey potty mouth.....get over it. You think Davis would actually give you the time of day? LOL @ the LOSER

rcaddell23 2321 days ago

this is for the comment below... go fuck yourself!!! we can't all get a free ride to the final 4.

brad_brezinski 2321 days ago

thats what you get when your team is barely above .500 and in the NIT! Better luck next year