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I'm a man with conversation skills, and I'm a man with hundred dollar bills

200,000 gangster points acquired - LEVEL UP

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1935 days ago

200,000 gangster points acquired - LEVEL UP


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VoVat 1934 days ago

These must be different gangsters than the ones I'm used to. Much cooler ones, presumably.

NorthSteve 1935 days ago

Those boots make me wish I was a woman. Or had the guts to go transvestite.

dalnoelle 1935 days ago

these boots made me feel something. deep, deep in my soul.

djjeremythomas 1935 days ago

hellz to the yes.

ripmywingsoff 1935 days ago

OMG the red cherry blossom boots...those are like $700-900 from Caboots in TX! worth EVERY penny! SO lucky!

LT3AG4S 1935 days ago

is there an outfit that those actually coordinate with?

sleepychecker 1935 days ago

Straight gangsta mac! OK not really but I like the boots

therealmelbel 1935 days ago

in the words of Ted Mosby on #howimetyourmother "pulling... them... off"

greala 1935 days ago

I'm just goofing. New boot goofing.

DirtyPiGGuin 1935 days ago

You're winning!

Yarlz_myrsh 1935 days ago

Damn you can walk the world with glory in those!

contiex 1935 days ago

+2 o.0

maria_1589 1935 days ago

hell yeah those for sure are gangster! :)

embe_eleme 1935 days ago