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These armors have a surprise...

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2454 days ago

These armors have a surprise...


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Tom_CGM 2377 days ago

Ive got both the vamp and lycan transforming armours THANK YOU THEY ARE AWESOME

Avgg_AQW 2445 days ago

I think its something like a feature, your turning into a beast so its head shows upa nd then not again.

RadushadowAQW 2452 days ago

Hey I saw a glitch on these armors when the transform into a lycan the lycan head morph appears then vanishes. As an example I saw on Cysero's character page.Hope you will corect the glitch :D. P.S.
Hope I had one of these :(

Brega_AE 2452 days ago

The swords are Miltonius Secret... That is the biggest hint I will give you

agentsteel 2453 days ago

awesome swords

SkylineSV 2453 days ago

Those swords are amazing!

AshthePhantom 2453 days ago

*Insert long deep gasp here* SWORD. ON THE LEFT. I WANT.

kinzvlle 2453 days ago

i think the surprise is they transfrom to look like a werewolf sowrd

MM_AQW 2453 days ago

btw, those swords are even more intense than the other ones :D

MM_AQW 2453 days ago

Rune, if you really want a armor looking like that, i suggest you should get the one in the Lycan rep shop

AQWpenguinpal 2453 days ago

nonmember ACs perhaps. They would definitely not make an armor with transforming graphics nonmember or member-only

Runehawkmaster 2453 days ago

pleaze be non-mem please be non mem........

GriefAE 2453 days ago

oooh...i better go rank my lycan.XD

DuckOfDuckness 2453 days ago

Forgot the , but what the heck, I think you see it anyway xD

DuckOfDuckness 2453 days ago

Transforming ;) From some kind of peasant to vampire, and the same with lycans, peasant to werewolf ^^

Dracorath 2453 days ago

Oh really? O.o and that is? ;P

DuckOfDuckness 2453 days ago

Cysero and Beleen already told what the "secret" is ;P

Veluxier 2453 days ago

Wow... So many surprises! Great work Milt. I just wish the shirt was a different colour

Dracorath 2453 days ago

Ah lovely classical armors & weapons :) I can't wait to see the secrets that lie's within these armors and weapons =P

BurstGB 2453 days ago

left one turns smaller righ one gets Well Bigger thats my guess