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My dog's breath smells like if cheese had an asshole.

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2240 days ago

My dog's breath smells like if cheese had an asshole.


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b91k 2002 days ago

ewwwwww i could imagine that smell and that is exactly how dogs' breath smells

SweetnSourSawse 2182 days ago

omg ur hilarious!!! ps #ewww

Kelness 2191 days ago

Oh man my old ass dog has rank breath too...awesome

Trevor_Rogers 2237 days ago

Did you use a nightvision camera?!?! V. odd colors, but cute dog.

recordstapescds 2239 days ago

I thought this was a bat at first. I love Duck.

QuietWar 2239 days ago

Chupacabra, caught on cam! (they suck off goats)

THEcorinashley 2239 days ago

I was watching a very sensitive singer songwriter in a small quiet club when I read that tweet about your dog. Naturally, inappropriate laughter ensued.

sgtskinner 2239 days ago

Pat, pat, pat, "I rescued you". More Doug-centric episodes! More unicorns flying out of butts!

PooSoldHere 2239 days ago

The Green Giant's giving birth to your dog!

CelticRoamer 2239 days ago

smells like U !Wanker !

Candyman450 2240 days ago

cheese does have an asshole, it's your vagina

aspergerswife 2240 days ago

Is your dog nestled in the Incredible Hulk's bosom?

frig_it_mostly 2240 days ago

One time I got into an argument about whether humans could eat dog poo or not based on the fact that dogs on occasion eat cat poo. Well, just thought I'd say that in lieu of your mild provocation, I believe you.

Fizz34 2240 days ago


EricDQuenta 2240 days ago

duck is dope, yr cute.

nomonono 2240 days ago

Is that your boob below his mouth? Seriously?

yourpaldan 2240 days ago

Is that Doug?

Adam_McKee 2240 days ago

still smells better than Richard's taint, I'm guessing.

MistressFortune 2240 days ago

..but he's sooo cute! :)

Allieyoo 2240 days ago