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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

A shot from the set of "Water". I also balance a ball on my nose and they feed me fish.

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2531 days ago

A shot from the set of "Water". I also balance a ball on my nose and they feed me fish.


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BKuBiCa 2528 days ago

Wait, who/what is in the background in the pool?!? That's creepy! HAHA

ffron61 2528 days ago

I hope your Guitar is water Proof....LOL

oreoglen 2529 days ago

Wow!! I love this!!

jamiekrisp 2530 days ago

my all-time favorite song.. can't wait to see the video :)

SueW24 2530 days ago

Love this shot! Hot, Hot, Hot!!

PamelaheavenWV 2530 days ago

I always knew you walked on "WATER"

cprieboy 2530 days ago

Wow Can't wait to see this Tour. Please don't fall :)

wsbond 2531 days ago

You kind of look like in this shot. He loves this pose.

mroberts05 2531 days ago

Awesome picture! Can't wait till the video comes out!!

rlstollman 2531 days ago

"Whoa!" Could this picture be any hotter?! And, yes, I love "Water"!!! :)

PamelaheavenWV 2531 days ago

BRRRRRAAAADDDD gosh. U always did call yourself a "River Rat" Really

wild59 2531 days ago

Seriously Brad, you sure are putting that guitar to the test. First you fall on top of it, now you're drowning it... what next??

jetty621 2531 days ago

Taylor Swift already did it.

jmspenn 2531 days ago

listened to this song on my way home from work today. It's my favorite on the new album!

squinn1201 2531 days ago

Listened to Water twice today! It puts me in the spring/summer mood!

MaryK61 2531 days ago

Most people shower without clothes (and a guitar) on...just sayin'

AngieC09 2531 days ago

Hope the water was warm.. Must have been or else we would have seen the look of shock on your face, there is no way anyone can fake water not being cold!! lol

mittensgizmo101 2531 days ago

that looks like fun! lol cant wait till summer gets here!

Marisa_In_Idaho 2531 days ago

Isnt that T shirt supposed to be white?

Staynergirl 2531 days ago

You shoulda had the leprauchan there with ya, Paisley! It would have added some moisture since he was too tough to eat. Seriously hot picture, by the way! Kim's one lucky charmer!