Justin Moore


Lookie what I found...

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1958 days ago

Lookie what I found...


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CowtownCowgirl1 1947 days ago

remember you talkin about that.. a least he had sense enough to get it back to ya.

Tht_Btch_Key 1951 days ago

awesome!!! glad you got it back :)

ddritzenhein 1951 days ago

Awesome Self-Portrait

MKCSCreations 1957 days ago

Thank the Lord that your dear guitar is back home...hope no more ill befalls it or you.

ashlyn_731 1958 days ago

awesome, glad you found it! Can't wait to see ya tonight at the Chameleon Club!

dougr38 1958 days ago

Big congrats on getting your guitar back.. Love your music.

QueenofCountry2 1958 days ago

Sooo happy you got your guitar back !

sneakycountry 1958 days ago

i ment guitar can't type tonight

sneakycountry 1958 days ago

Soooo glad you got it back. I understand how much a guiter can mean to you my papaw gave me my frist martin i would be broken hearted with out it....

LBcoaltrain 1958 days ago

Hell yeah! Love your music man

GypsyGurl55 1958 days ago

Glad you found it :) U can't b wo the guitar that's not cool. :)

jetta_baby 1958 days ago

so... you bringin that to the Chameleon Club??????

pinkrose2010 1958 days ago

Happy you got your guitar back. Hope no one tries to be stupid like that again!

lovnflatts 1958 days ago

:D Now don't go leavin' it lying around again!!! :)

kristin_powell3 1958 days ago

Glad you got it back! I'd like to give whoever stole it a good ole kick in the ass! And then thank them for givin it back:)

LesMarieT 1958 days ago

Ha. Good pic. Now don't go leavin that layin around anywhere to be stolen again...

Juliewyers 1958 days ago

Glad u got it back and love the hoodie. Whooooo pig soooooie!!! Go hogs go!!! Hope u come back to ar soon!!!

chelseameh 1958 days ago


Zephyrgrl 1958 days ago

So happy 4 u! Wanna play us a little somethin?

Cantrell_Amanda 1958 days ago