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The day will happen whether or not you get up. - John Ciardi

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2565 days ago


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FuckYesEminem 2199 days ago

i use twitter 4 fun ...

Emma_Desatoff 2200 days ago

ohh shit, true stuff hahah

Calvinios 2535 days ago

ill probably jump from #2 to #4, haha everyone thought twitter sucked!

drazic_2 2560 days ago

Hahahahaha. This is sooo funny. #4

dexterneutron 2564 days ago

prolly #5? :D

OhCurt 2564 days ago

#4 !

ryansbabe 2564 days ago

I just started and I'm on two. Still tryin' to figure this out.

godsangel777 2565 days ago

I just started, and am trying to figure this out. So I am pretty much on stage 2.

SugarJones 2565 days ago

I'm already on step 8, I think. I'm not looking to recover. I love this addiction... even when it "fails" me. www.TwittersAnonymous.com helps. ;)

Wende 2565 days ago

#5 needs to be renamed to "Addiction" and it could be Step 1 in your recovery process: "Admitting I have a problem"

briancarter 2565 days ago

I'm on #6 Accepting Celebrities Invading Twitter... lol :-)

ElmoBerry 2565 days ago

Still on 2 I'm afraid but the genius of it is slowly dawning on me!!

NicoleWilson 2565 days ago

i'm number 4 for sure