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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Opie's Eye...this was suppose to be a Fluff-hat on Erock.

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1999 days ago

Opie's Eye...this was suppose to be a Fluff-hat on Erock.


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MudValve 1980 days ago

Looks like bukkake gone very wrong.

Meowcrazy 1983 days ago

mmmm, yummy

jjcrotchcritter 1995 days ago

dam he's so fat. Better hope she doesn't break up with you, Hogie Boy

alboy1125 1995 days ago

he looks like an extra in ghostbusters 2

WetChicken 1995 days ago

and they didn't even have to pay him to be the circle jerk

ANC215 1995 days ago

To quote Caemron Diaz, "Is that Hairgel?"

13yroldJC 1996 days ago

I give you props EROCK.... what did you use to get that out of your hair??

thecablenazi 1997 days ago

fuckin LEGO hair

Jeremyd1969 1998 days ago


HeatherHeight 1998 days ago

He looks strangely content.

jlehane3 1998 days ago

This type of child porn should be banned from the internet.I ,for one ,will not stand for it and will contact my local priest to get his opinion of child porn,young nubile boys with their carefree attitudes and mopsy hair.

pipistrello 1998 days ago

ge looks like a money shot scene kid. Creemo much?

TheOneAfter909 1998 days ago

Hey, Erock looks good with the beard-thingie.......... No I am not gay, why?

markmasonry 1998 days ago

did he swallow is own head after?

ajc55ny 1998 days ago

Why doesn't erock sing "Happy Birthday" to Barack? ala Marilynn Monroe

OandA_Addict 1998 days ago


mjjp2k 1998 days ago

- you mean fatter

hotshot70 1998 days ago

looks almost like the hairdo a woman has in a dick tracy cartoon. (Breathless Mahoney, or in this case bad-breathless baloney)

drewmay0777 1998 days ago

Wow hes getting fat

thomasaccardo 1998 days ago

...it appears as though E-Rock owes Dr. Ian Smith some interest on $500...linng-loop