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Erock dressed as Wonderwoman!

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2494 days ago

Erock dressed as Wonderwoman!


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JTMagnawear 2443 days ago

He's starting to get as fat as Artie Lang.........jesus I have to get off this page can't type anymore

RTG623 2468 days ago

kinda hot actually........

Meowcrazy 2478 days ago

he looks way toooooo happy !!!

itsnota2mor 2484 days ago


HuxleyOrwell 2487 days ago

2 C-cups and 1 A-hole

DAS_K 2487 days ago

Big Fat Sex Bagel...

xg4bx 2490 days ago

erock is all balls. maybe he's smuggling sam's afro down there.

ANC215 2490 days ago

Wonder Woman? or (I) Wonder-if anyone would confuse that for a - Woman?
Either I know where E-Rock keeps his magic lasso, or he's REALLY happy to be wearing ladie's star spangled undies.

NVMEV1 2491 days ago

Hes about to fly off to find his other ball

nebraska_nick 2491 days ago

He's a faaaaaaaagggggggg...

MicKraut 2492 days ago

oh God, I can't un-see this

13yroldJC 2492 days ago

Its a bird, Its a plane, No it is a fag the size of a plane

darkhorse0925 2492 days ago

Haha E-Fag!!!

iamodie 2493 days ago

jesus f'in christ e-rock !!

BrianHanscom 2493 days ago

Ant singing is better than this....

VolvoPhil 2493 days ago

i need therapy now Op! Or eye bleach

HeatherHeight 2493 days ago

Ok, I had to go to work and missed this, is that a sock?

pipistrello 2493 days ago

That's just disturbing, but funny as hell.

rickyradio 2493 days ago

...I don't know what to say...That's just...uhhhhhh.

rocsolo 2493 days ago

hey eHog, getting aroused are you?