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Ant's fur coat that he talks about from time to time. The only pic that exists!

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2678 days ago

Ant's fur coat that he talks about from time to time. The only pic that exists!


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FlyTechGuy 2652 days ago

Ant looks like he's up for more blow. Come on, Roe!

Granny_Mae 2654 days ago

uncle paul would have LOVED ant!!

DAS_K 2672 days ago

Oooh, Ant was a Fancy Boy!

Freakabilly 2673 days ago

God, Ants mom was hot.

13yroldJC 2676 days ago


nebraska_nick 2676 days ago

Saturday Night Cumia

stevefromderby 2677 days ago

Shouldnt Grocho be in the picture somewhere?

carter86 2677 days ago

Seriously, they look like a family of gypsies

HogsBigBen 2677 days ago

That's either Cumia house, circa 1970, or any house in Romania, circa last week.

iamodie 2677 days ago


wild_eye_wheel 2677 days ago

I would put her in pigtails, go-go boots and the leather miniskirt too. More Ro from Opie's Eye!

Jeremyd1969 2677 days ago

oh, the Little Tool

VolvoPhil 2677 days ago

hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahahaahahahahahaha .....

HeatherHeight 2677 days ago

That should count as child abuse.

fluidpower 2678 days ago

Ant looks like he was just about to bust into tears

darrylhall1 2678 days ago

i want to see a picture of ants mom now, opie says shes still hot

lineman6924541 2678 days ago

Ok is it just me or is everyone else wanting to see more of Ant's mom she is a knock out

rocsolo 2678 days ago

Ha ha, Ant is looking like a pimp in training

rickyradio 2678 days ago

That's...terrible I'm sorry.

Larry4q 2678 days ago

HA HA now that is funny .