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Personal first. Watched UITA while UITA.

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2295 days ago

Personal first. Watched UITA while UITA.


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Irethsurion 2138 days ago

Epic Haha!

jgremski 2293 days ago

hahaha that's funny, small tv for such a great movie...

nictrola 2294 days ago

just realized that's not coach. i lose.

jmd001a 2295 days ago

Looks like UA interior. I hear UA is "censoring" out all AA references (logos, words, etc.) Your reaction???

nictrola 2295 days ago

happy to see you fly coach.

Keng324 2295 days ago

were you mad that the guy in front of you chose to read a magazine article instead of watching your movie?

Keng324 2295 days ago

was that planned?

TikiLynne 2295 days ago

Did you get up and yell, "Damn this movie should have won an Oscar...they were robbed!"

RichardHunter 2295 days ago

When exiting the plane I hope you gave that woman in front of you that was reading the magazine a dirty look-She had better have already seen it, but even then...

ericmsantos 2295 days ago

that's insulting to see such a beautiful work of cinema cropped to 1.33

its_so_lisa 2295 days ago

I saw it last week Chicago to LV. I think it's on all AA flights now

AlexSchollar 2295 days ago

if i was watching UITA while UITA and i saw you, i would freak out. i would be like EVERYONE!!! THIS GUY DIRECTED THE FILM WE ARE WATCHING !!!

whois67 2295 days ago

Hmmm. I don't think I could watch UITA or any movie in full-screen instead of widescreen though.

mbgsfv 2295 days ago

that was a dumb comment, i would like to retract.

mbgsfv 2295 days ago

Are you giving commentary to the people sitting around you?

whois67 2295 days ago

Bought the blu-ray last week. LOVE the movie. Clooney, Farmiga, Kendricks, Bateman et al -> all awesome

soccerboyLA 2295 days ago

Are people staring at you expectantly? Maybe you should just get up and take a bow...? :)

unequalized 2295 days ago

My dad had it as his in-flight the other night from Chicago to Sacramento.

jwipe 2295 days ago

haha that's awesome