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It forces me to draw in ways I normally wouldn't and by doing that I learn new techniques. Here's some player polearm suggestions.

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2321 days ago

It forces me to draw in ways I normally wouldn't and by doing that I learn new techniques. Here's some player polearm suggestions.


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AQPikachu199519 2015 days ago

Hmm..If you could change anything on the Twilight Moon Scythe, what would you change? I know its been a long time since you flashed my design, but over the months I've noticed the Crescents are a bit out of place, e.g: Shadows. Its probably just me seeing

ChosenAE 2101 days ago

lol these are yours :D

GriefAE 2318 days ago

i'm buying all of them. >:D

mturf 2319 days ago

what an awesome suggestion, yes, yes they do.

SS_AQW 2319 days ago

Some of these things look like they would drop from Epheel, that is if he was added into the game.

Outlaw13th 2319 days ago

um... the lunar one is the one I didn't make, I made the 3 other ones. =) but thanx that you like the wing one!

AQWpenguinpal 2319 days ago

well then awwesome scythes, specially the lunar and wing scythes =)

Outlaw13th 2320 days ago

, yup, that's me! :D

Zalkreai 2320 days ago

I love them, scythes are by far my favorite weapons :D

AQWpenguinpal 2320 days ago

: wait are you sichris from the aqw general discussion forums then?

Outlaw13th 2320 days ago

like how you colored them. =)

Outlaw13th 2320 days ago

I made all these exept for the 1st one, and Miltonius, I really

ddungeonmasterz 2320 days ago

1 and 4 are the only good ones tho

ddungeonmasterz 2320 days ago

there ok but not your best but still great

YenielAQW 2320 days ago

Who suggested the Wing scythe? Can you tell them I said that is THE COOLEST SCYTHE IN THE HISTORY OF SCYTHES?

mturf 2321 days ago

the new polearm animation on the ptr have a trust, so would support such a fighting style. all i all i think they're pretty as is and am glad ur not shifing the blade ^-^

mturf 2321 days ago

how they would perform as a weapon is down to the use as much as it is design. if one sharpened the outside of the blade aswell, they could be used in both an axe manner, and by hooking opponents necks and limbs and giving a short dismembering tug

mturf 2321 days ago

i'm glad to heer ur not deviating from design for real world mechanical reasons. this is after all fantasy, and the aesthetics of the items, especially the batwing one, would be hurt. currently the batwing has a very timburtonesque appeal that i love. how

DagonnAE 2321 days ago

I like the 3 on the right. I feel the one with the moons, the crescent one needs work on the moons, and how the are attached. Oh and Milt, check out the bow I made! I think it may fit the Darkovia Style, if you can, teach me how to make the pieces float.h