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More player suggestions! It's actually pretty fun to create items inspired by players.

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2416 days ago

More player suggestions! It's actually pretty fun to create items inspired by players.


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ArchfiendTheo 1138 days ago

Lol, I had a feeling that Milton made that sword! (Far Left)

FLAM1N 1807 days ago

Did you release these? And the polearms?

MrKirbyXIII 2355 days ago

Lol! Chaotic Tower Blade!

Blakyre 2393 days ago

That's the Broadsword of the Chaorrupted Fang. It's handle's just right ingame. I think Miltonius just made it tinier so that it'll fit in the box.

JVCDS0 2409 days ago

ahh, not Acs

JVCDS0 2409 days ago

Please create weapons non-members, more ways, like the Broadsword of the Chaorrupted Fang '

YenielAQW 2415 days ago

YUCK! That Chaos one is sooo gross yet awesome too! It'll be my first ever chaos item. Well, if it's from Quibble... QUIBBLE FAN #1!

HSsai 2415 days ago

if these r the only ones i dont think ill be spending my over 3k ACs for another month or more

ultrawow66 2415 days ago


DagonnAE 2415 days ago

I like the far right and far left. I like the far left due to the color scheme, however if it was black and gold/red it would be better due to all the black/silver and blue weapons we already have.

MM_AQW 2416 days ago

besides being thin, they all look pretty epic

ddungeonmasterz 2416 days ago

i want the chaos sword i hope it isnt ac if it is plz make it low im broke spent my money on gas today

Frosty_AQW 2416 days ago

I like the two on the left. The other two are meh.

AQW_Datshadow 2416 days ago

OMG ITS TOKI!!!! Anyways That might be yours Maybe he just changed it up a bit :) i hope so if it is Congratz :D

KtmhldDrathian 2416 days ago

i want the 3rd one, the one next to the chaos sword

Tokijin 2416 days ago

The chaos one looks very similar to mine.

AQW_Datshadow 2416 days ago

ur right that would fit in perfectly :D i hope it does get in :) Also i really love the Chaos one and the one beside it( the one with the runes) the First one and last one are OkAy

Legnave_FEZero 2416 days ago

The handle on the Chaos sword looks a bit... tiny. I like the first one on the left, though, albeit kinda thin. Quibble weapons?

WaltAE 2416 days ago

This needs in D; http://twitpic.com/15cbwp

Johanan9107 2416 days ago

Very...interesting. I'll be looking forward to see more of your awesome designs in-game, Miltonius! Keep up the awesomesauce-ness.