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Can't really see but the blue is awsome!! I love it!!!!

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2237 days ago

Can't really see but the blue is awsome!! I love it!!!!


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coxcliff 2235 days ago

There is a pic on from Talladega testing that shows the hair really well. But I wanna know if the carpet matches the drapes! Still sexy! Scott can do no wrong.

davidgriac 2236 days ago

bit of a zombie photo :) but the hairdo is cool

gegaard 2237 days ago

i look forward to seeing it when you get interviewed in victory lane in bristol!

AZ18girl 2237 days ago

I think your lookin ... HOT!! I like :) you look like AJ from Lit ... but better :)

MarcDiecast 2237 days ago

wow you look like that asshole who works down at the car wash!

kaseykahnefan4 2237 days ago


kasey_n_landon 2237 days ago

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spacie_Stacie 2237 days ago

For the record, and , I love it! It looks really good!

TBayFinn 2237 days ago

No... you can see the blue. It looks good.

snackcakes 2237 days ago

at least you are a man of your word! lookin good!

dedesilly2 2237 days ago

looks great. don't use hot water when u wash it. washes out the blue faster. i had blue myself. i'm going purple next.

a7xfan221 2237 days ago

u look badass

katieribstein 2237 days ago

Love it but I really think you should consider downsizing ur eyebrows a bit!! lol

18Winning 2237 days ago

that looks badass, now you just have to convince KB to dye his, bet him if you finish higher than him at M'ville, he has to dye his a color of your choosing, no pink though

yukiies 2237 days ago

i think you got some asian blood now!

iamjustnatalie 2237 days ago

I think you look pretty BADASS with it!!!

MynameisRance 2237 days ago

And the eyebrows too? For

lehlagirl 2237 days ago

good thing its only hair and will grow out is going to kill you!

DriftSession 2237 days ago

LOVE it!!!! YOu look good likealways! =)

Twisted_Angel80 2237 days ago

Looks great on u! Reminds me of Matt Dillon a little