Karen O'Hara, VP Original Movies at Syfy. Talk about creature features, megadisasters and REALLY big snakes.

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More RED pix! Red and her werewolf-hunting brothers (left) and fiance Kavan Smith (right).

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1579 days ago

More RED pix! Red and her werewolf-hunting brothers (left) and fiance Kavan Smith (right).


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tiki_92090 1569 days ago


arielle1120 1576 days ago

Is this from a movie coming out soon? *gets super excited*

SpikeGhost 1576 days ago

= WIN .. she is so talented, i hope it's going to be good.

DreadfulPenny81 1577 days ago

Those are some pretty decent throwing knives. And you look so bad-ass!

wraithfodder 1578 days ago

Whoot! Kavan Smith! The other 2 guys look so familiar. Anybody know them? Hmm, Andrew Airlie (left)? Not sure...

vickiemarquez 1578 days ago

Sooo excited! This is gonna be kickass!

MikesFilmTalk 1578 days ago

Can't wait for this to come out! Please keep the pix and blogs a'comin! XD

RobinInSeoul 1579 days ago

Oh yeah! Felicia Day = Action Hero!

wali21 1579 days ago

OMG Kavan Smith is in this?!?! YAY! I can't wait now!!

imwebgurl 1579 days ago

How can RED be anything but awesome....its got KAVAN SMITH!! I hope will show it

osiramon 1579 days ago

Your brothers look almost as look bad-ass as you are Red.

And the answer to the knives Worldofhiglet: is that there's always another one hidden but ready!

freedomrhodes 1579 days ago

Kavan Smith is in this too!! It has now turned into a must see.

JoolseyK 1579 days ago

Gr8 pic! Bad a$$.

luckleygirl 1579 days ago

Ooh - good pic & not a red cape in sight. I like what do with our fairy tales..

worldofhiglet 1579 days ago

Cool pic! How many knives does Felicia have? (answer will be: not enough!)

charmer1 1579 days ago

Kick some werewolves ass.

HeroHans 1579 days ago

Let's be bad guys!

NiciMN 1579 days ago

Awesome! Can't wait to catch Kavan and Felica in this!

SPYYDEER 1579 days ago

UUUUUU!!!!!! I'm so nervous!!!!!!! HA!!!!

kimbodee 1579 days ago

Looks Fab!